Ysgyryd Fawr May 2011   2 comments

Short post with some photos of an after-work stroll. while J and the kids were away in Pembrokeshire (post to follow). Ysgyryd Fawr is a prominant sight right across the Black Mountains and in its isolated position provides a quality viewpoint across the Black Mountains, the Forest of Dean, and across Herefordshire to the Malverns and beyond. Its diminutive size makes it the perfect candidate for a short mountain walk. It’s only 2.5 miles round trip to the summit with 1,00 feet of ascent so as I drove home the lure was irresistable and as I now keep my boots and pack in the car I took the 2 mile detour to the car park pretty much on a whim.

The bottom section is through the trees and the last time I was here on Xmas eve it was like the Cresta Run.


Once on the top the snow was fortunately absent but it was still unseasonably cool and windy but the ridge is absolutely terrific and a pleasure to walk along.

View across White Castle and the Forest of Dean

Summit Ridge

It’s a popular hill and I saw several parties on the way down but by the time I reached the top I had it to myself. The views in the late evening sun were as good as any I’ve had up here and I took time out to lie in hollow out of the wind and soak it in.

Herefordshire and across to the Malverns

There were some great views across to Hatterall Hill and the Sugar Loaf where I’ve been in the last couple of weeks.

Hatterall Hill

Black Mountains

Sugar Loaf

I headed back down the ridge with a real spring in my step – no better way to work off the frustrations of a work day – marvellous!

Flickr photos here. The photos are taken with my Nokia E7 phone – not too bad although it’s not keen on the dark foreground for these late evening shots

2 responses to “Ysgyryd Fawr May 2011

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  1. The views look stunning – your phone did you proud. Is this the hill we did with D when he was knee-high to a grasshopper? (I know that you will remember where I don’t).


  2. I don’t think we went up this one – I think we went up a small (and very nice) hill just across the valley called Bryn Arw. I’ll planning on heading up it one night after work so keep an eye out for a blog entry!


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