Boys and their toys – Update   2 comments

I’ve now had time to play at being a film editor with my Go Pro HD Headcam footage from Porthcawl. I’ve been using CyberLink PowerDirector 9 to put it all together and it’s pretty easy although takes a bit of practice to choose the right output file and retain the High Definition footage. The clip is below and I’ve also added back into the main blog entry

Hope you enjoy it!

GM is now in on the video editing act. I’ve added his masterpiece to my Skiing blog from January but here it is if you can’t be bothered to scroll down

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2 responses to “Boys and their toys – Update

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  1. Both great. The stills work particularly well in the surfing film. And the capsize. Like the music in George’s film. Did I ever bore you with the story of when I saw Husker Du live? At the International, their last tour. Almost certainly the loudest gig I ever went too. Even then I thought it was too loud. Bloody good though.


  2. Ah the memories. I saw Motorhead live in Birmingham, VERY loud, couldn’t hear anything for 2 days and got chased through the Pallisades shopping centre by a bunch of skinheads!


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